Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Giveaway Alert!

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Monday, September 1, 2014

Currently September!!

Ok so here's what's currently going on!

Listening: My hubby and dog can fall asleep so quickly. I'm much more of a night owl so that explains why I'm awake at this hour. I am pretty much nocturnal over the summer when there's no alarm set.

Loving: I am loving this 3 day weekend. We were able to go up to Pittsburgh to visit my husband's grandma. We went to Ribfest at Heinz Field and hung out with my in-laws and nephew. We've been travelling a ton lately and it's nice to see them so often. We'll see them again in 2 weeks!

Thinking: Of course my mind is on Tuesday- it's our first day of school! Yep, that's right, we still haven't started school yet.

Wanting: Lots of fall clothes! I just signed up for Stitch Fix and spent the night on Pinterest making my perfect stitch fix pinterest board. If you'd like to check out Stitch Fix click {here}. It's like Netflix but for clothes from a personal stylist. They get your measurements and you create a personal style quiz. Then you can create a pinterest board for them to look at while they're styling a box of 5 items for you!

Needing: I have been DYING of allergies. I'm not sure if they're indoor or outdoor allergies.. I've never had allergies like this before. My eyes are swollen shut and I could barely breathe on Friday. I've been taking Allegra and medicated eye drops and I guess I'll just have to make a doctor's appointment next.

3 Trips: I've been to Italy but it has so many different cities, I'd love to go back. I also flew through Germany once and was amazed and so want to go back, but I wanted to choose places that were really diverse for this! So I chose Ireland, Bora Bora and Budapest. Ireland is my family's homeland so that's pretty self-explanatory. Oh and plus irish accents? Swoon!! The Hilton at Bora Bora is just too picturesque to resist. And then Budapest has always intrigued me. But if I could add a fourth it would be Greece because I love Greek food. Clearly I just need to backpack around the world.