Friday, October 26, 2012

Trick or Treat Sale

What else is there to do while preparing for "Frankenstorm" to hit the East coast? Stock up on food, water and TPT products!

I am having a 20% off sale at my store this weekend, along with a ton of other bloggers.

Thank you Alisha for the button!
Click {here} to visit my store!

Be sure to check out my most recent product, my Math Quick Checks and Social Studies Quick Checks!

These are my math checks

These are my Social Studies Quick Checks for VA Studies:

Monday, October 22, 2012

Math Quick Checks

The newest product in my TPT store is my Math Quick Checks. They're just little cards with math questions on them that I printed on colorful cardstock, laminated and put on a binder ring.


 I keep the cards on a hook right next to my door. The yellow are math questions and the pink are social studies questions (coming soon!)

This set includes questions for the entire year's worth of math based on the Common Core curriculum and the Virginia Standards of Learning. Quizzing them all year on questions from the first unit on will help them retain information and prepare them for those high-stakes tests!

I have been using these in my classroom the past week and the kids are loving them. I use them during all transition times: before we go to lunch, music, computer lab, outside the bathroom, etc.

Today, before computer lab, we were running late and didn't get to do the quick checks. My kids were so disappointed. They were asking me why we didn't ask them! Usually I'm the one asking the questions, but they love being the "teacher" and asking their peers the questions. Sometimes if I have them out at recess, the kids like to quiz me on the questions to see if they'll stump me! So funny.

You can purchase them at my TPT store here:
Fourth -

Keep an eye out for science, language arts and social studies quick check questions! I'm working on them now :)

Friday, October 19, 2012

Giveaway Winner! Plus another giveaway!

The lucky winner of my 100 follower giveaway is Katie from Second Grade Smarty Pants! She has a ton of shopping on TPT to do now! Thank you again to all my bloggy friends who contributed! You all make me super happy :)

I think we've all got the giveaway bug lately! I am loving it. If you weren't as lucky as Katie, then you should hop on over to Reading Toward the Stars! Andrea is having a spectacular 300 follower giveaway, which means 3 times the fun with 3 giveaways! I am giving away my Beezus and Ramona Student Booklet from my TPT store in one of her giveaways!

I hope you all have an amazing & restful weekend!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Boo x 2 !

I was boo-ed by two different bloggers for two different linky parties. Bring it on!

Both linky parties are slightly different, so keep reading!

Both of the bloggers I've been boo'ed by are amazing and you should definitely follow their blogs. They are great bloggy friends to have around :) And they teach the best grade of all... FOURTH!

Fourth Grade Flipper is in her thirteenth year of teaching so she knows how it's done. I love her blog for her technology integration ideas, writing ideas and tons of general classroom ideas.
4th Gr Flipper

I was also boo'ed by my new bloggy friend Liliris at Fourth Grade Garden. She has a ton of great ideas and resources for math, reading and writing for all grade levels.

So the first linky party is from Tori's Teacher Tips
Here's how to play this one: 

1. Give a shoutout to the blogger who boo-ed you and link back to their site.

2. Share 3-5 October activities, books, products (yours or someone else),
or freebie(s) that you love!

3.  Share the Boo love with 5 bloggers- make sure you check this link to make sure you don't boo someone again!

So here are my Halloween favorites!

1. Halloween Math Unit from Farley at Oh Boy Fourth Grade

This unit is actually up for grabs through my giveaway but I really just want to rave about it. I have a copy and I'll be using it all year. It is jam-packed with tons of math activities for upper elementary kiddos. From rounding to measurement. It is only $2.60 in her store {here}.

2. My favorite Halloween pinspiration:
This pin didn't come with a printable, but I want to recreate it for my kids. So stinkin' cute! My kiddos would get a kick out of it.

3. My favorite Halloween Freebie-
I used this in my class to kick off October and my kiddos really enjoyed it. You can download it from TPT {here}

The five bloggers that I want to share this "Boo" with are: 
1. Meg from Third Grade in the First State
2. Leah from Learning 4 Keeps
3. Kaitlyn from Smiles and Sunshine
4. Christina from Bunting, Books and Bainbridge
5. Heather at Peacocks and Penguins

Now on to the next linky party!
The next Boo Party is a little different!

Here's how to play.  Choose a fellow blogger that has MORE followers, another that has about the SAME number of followers, and last, someone that has LESS followers. Lastly, leave them some love by offering them a goody from your store as their "treat."

Ok, so for the blog with more followers, I am choosing Bridget from Little Lovely Leaders. Bridget's blog has some must-have resources and she makes her freebies super easy to find. I have blogged before about her Math Alphabet freebie.. because it's just purely awesome. All of her blog posts are about resources she made and/or used in her room. She teaches fifth grade, so all of you that teach upper elementary should definitely follow her. I have not seen a product she's made that I haven't drooled over.
Little Lovely Leaders

The blog with about the same followers, I am loving Nichole's blog The Craft of Teaching. She is such a fun blogger. Her posts are so much fun to read. She has me laughing a lot of the time. But the best part is that she has tons of photos of things she's tried in her classroom. I love reading about what other teachers use in their classroom, but I love seeing it in pictures even more :)
 The Craft of Teaching

For the blog with less followers, I am happy to introduce to you Melissa from Don't Let the Teacher Stay Up Late!  if you haven't heard of her already. She is a Virginia teacher as well and she has some AMAZING stuff on her blog. Seriously her freebies are fantastic. She is a reading specialist for grades 3-5 so all of her products and resources are so useful. You can follower her blog {here}
Don't Let the Teacher Stay Up Late

You three ladies are welcome to email me at with a choice of anything from my TPT store {here}

Don't forget to enter my giveaway to celebrate Fourth Grade Lemonade reaching 100 followers! Click the picture to get to the giveaway!

Monday, October 15, 2012

100 Follower Giveaway!!!

I am so excited! Over the weekend, I reached 100 followers. I can't believe it! In just the short amount of time that I have been blogging, I have met so many awesome bloggy friends and I have gotten so many amazing ideas! The blogging world is so generous and a ton of people have contributed to this giveaway to celebrate Fourth Grade Lemonade's 100 followers! Seriously, check out these prizes!

The winner will get:
Any 3 items from my TPT store
Fourth Grade Lemonade

A $10 Starbucks Gift Card from Nichole at The Craft of Teaching
 The Craft of Teaching

An item of your choice from Tara at Fourth Grade Frolics' TPT store

Two Spelling and Word Work packets from Michele at Run! Miss Nelson's Got the Camera!
Run Miss Nelsons got the Camera

An item of your choice from Holly at Fourth Grade Flipper's TPT store
4th Gr Flipper

Halloween Math Unit from Farley at Oh Boy Fourth Grade's TPT store

An item of your choice from Laura at Love to Teach's TPT store

Writer's Workshop Conference Cards from Amy at Active Readers and Writers
Active Readers and Writers

Monster Addition and Subtraction Match-Up Centers from Liliris at Fourth Grade Garden

Graphic Organizers from Kelly at Teaching Fourth
Teaching Fourth

An item of your choice from Leah at Learning 4 Keeps' TPT store
Learning 4 Keeps Design

What are you waiting for? Enter now!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Friday, October 12, 2012

Field Day

Today was field day! Usually we have it in June but this year our school hosted Field Day in October. Weird, right? I was so not into having it in October before today. But I loved it! It was cool (65 degrees), so the kids were running around and doing athletic activities and eventually took their hoodies off. But more importantly, it gave me a day to bond with my kiddos who I've had for a month and a half now. I had such an amazing time with them. I just wanted to share that :)

Super happy teacher right here.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

New Product, Freebie to 3 and Upcoming Giveaway!

As of today, I have a brand-spankin'-new product in my tpt store! If you're teaching rounding, need to review rounding or will be teaching it later in the year, this is the product for you! It's a rounding card game and you can use it multiple ways. I use it as a fun center game during math class. I also plan on using it throughout the year just to review. All you have to do is print and it's ready to go. There's even an answer sheet for students to record their answers on. Then when all the hard work is over, students can play "war" with the cards. Super fun.

The first three people to leave a comment with their email will get this game for FREE! Yay free things.

Speaking of free things, this blog is SO close to having 100 followers. I am so, so, so excited. I am loving all of my followers and I have had so much blogspiration and teach-spiration from all of your ideas. It has really transformed my teaching. I am loving my job even more because I'm always participating in different linky parties and everything.

ANYWHOO, I am going to host a 100 followers giveaway. There's still time, so if you'd like to contribute, you can leave a comment here with your contact info or you can email me at I have already been amazed by the generosity of all of my bloggy friends. Love it!

Fourth Grade Flipper's Giveaway!

Holly from Fourth Grade Flipper is hosting a giveaway to celebrate 200 followers! If you'd like to enter the giveaway, click {here} to go to Holly's blog. The giveaway is going to last another four days until Saturday so hurry up and enter!!

By entering the giveaway, you could win a $30 gift card or one of two amazing packages with products from me and 11 other great bloggers. If you follow my blog, you already have a free entry :)