Friday, June 27, 2014

Teachers Pay Teachers Facelift

My last day of work for the summer was June 18th. Ever since then I've been incredibly unproductive. It's been great. And by great I mean that I don't have bags under my eyes anymore!

But I've decided I want to be prepared as possible for this upcoming year. As a fourth year teacher, I hope to have more time to complete all the pinterest projects I've always dreamed of completing. I know... dreams of grandeur and it's not even July!

I began with wanting to create some new products for my TPT store. I sat and I thought.

I sat.

I thought.

And the creativity bug never bit me. My determination continued. Mostly because I wanted a reason to justify purchasing some new clip art and digital papers from Etsy.

So I decided to give my current TPT products a facelift! Here's the before and after:

A lot of my products didn't even have cover pages, so I created some of those. Like this one:

Now I'm just waiting for some ideas so that I can add some new products to my store this summer while I have time (and am not sleep deprived!)

Has anyone else ever done this before?

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