Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Currently January 2015

I can't believe it's going to be 2015. Doesn't that feel like such a futuristic year? Maybe it's just me but I remember when it was New Years Eve 1999 and being so excited for the year 2000. I can't believe that was 15 years ago!

Listening- We've been binging on Netflix since we got home yesterday. My husband is watching "Crimes of the Century" right now while I'm reading "The Devil in the White City."

Loving- Our house is clean. I spent all week before we left (two weeks ago) making the house spotless so when we came home we would have one less thing to do and could relax. And now I've got my scentsy on with Christmas Cottage inside- best. smell. ever.

Thinking- about jury duty. We got home after 2 weeks of travelling all over the country (four Christmases) to a fun jury summons letter. Man, they don't give you much time to prepare! I'll have to take off a full week the second week we return to school. I am NOT looking forward to writing a week's worth of sub plans.

Wanting- I am going over to a friend's new house tonight for a party with lots of snacks, fun and games! Really looking forward to it and wishing it was 7:00 already!

Needing- More days off- I know. I'm greedy. I haven't relaxed at all yet though.

Yes to running- always my resolution!
Maybe to being open to opportunities.. more on that later in the month!
And I'm always wishing for a lifetime of happiness for my family and friends.
Happiness to me would be lots of travelling and memories in 2015!


  1. I am watching a marathon of a show called "The Missing". I am not sure if it's available on Netflix. I recorded the shows from Starz network. It's well put together, but it's about a missing boy, so it's also sad. I hate that your jury duty will keep you from school. but I have always wanted to be on a jury. I think the process would be fascinating, but the waiting around might be a killer!
    Teachers Are Terrific!

  2. Four Christmases?? Wow! Also happens to be one of my fav Christmas movies, haha. Excited to hear about what opportunities might be opening up for you!

    First Grade Stampede

  3. I am impressed with 4 Christmases! You do need more time to relax! Good luck on your new opportunities!

  4. It sounds like you have had a busy, but fun, break...4 Christmases, oh my! And jury duty for a week? I had my first one last year, and I was able to reschedule to it to a date in the summer. Although it was not how I wanted to spend a summer day, I was lucky to be dismissed after only be there for a little over an hour. I hope that you have good luck with yours and don't end up having to be there for a whole week. Happy New Year and enjoy your party this evening!


  5. Jury duty after Christmas break is just rotten luck! Sorry you have to write a week of sub plans. That's never fun.

    This year I've started using and it's made writing my sub plans so much easier. If you haven't used it yet sign up for the free trial and see if you like it.

    I hope you had fun at your party! Wishing you the best in 2015.
    4th Grade Dynamic Duo

  6. I think I need some more days off too! I have so much I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to get done around the house and for my TpT store! :)
    Melissa from Mrs. Dailey's Classroom

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