Monday, July 18, 2016

Stitch Fix Review July 2016

I'm so excited to share my thoughts on my Stitch Fix box that I just opened! This was only my second fix. For this fix, I told my stylist that I'll be starting a new job soon and am looking for some professional pieces to incorporate into work outfits. I emphasized my petite height in my notes and my love of anything lace or navy on my pinterest board. I absolutely LOVE everything my stylist Megan chose for me. I adore the note she included in my fix:

Hi Caitlyn, welcome back! I had so much putting this fix together for you, especially with Summer here! I browsed your Pinterest and snagged you a few pieces I think you are going to LOVE! Let's start with the Renee C printed maxi skirt, such a boho chic look and so comfortable too! Pair your new skirt with the Market & Spruce Hi-Lo short sleeve tee and add a long necklace to complete the look! For work style your new maxi with the Collective Concepts lace inset blouse, add a few bangle bracelets and wedge heels and you are set! Heading out with friends? Style the Tinsel skinnies with your new Hi-Lo tee, heeled ankle boots and a statement necklace for a trendy look that is sure to get compliments! I hope you love your new pieces, Caitlyn! XO Megan

For those of you who don't know, Stitch Fix is a subscription box that delivers hand-picked clothes (including shoes and purses now!) to your door. You are assigned a stylist who scours your provided Pinterest board, notes and preferences to choose the best pieces for you.

1. Sign up for a Stitch Fix account.
2. Fill out your style profile. This is where you provide your sizes, your style and color preferences and can share a Pinterest board with your stylist, which I highly recommend!
3. Choose a date. Pick a date for when you want your stitch fix shipment to arrive! You pay a $20 styling fee when your fix ships but you can put that $20 towards any piece in your box!
4. Receive your fix! If you keep everything from your fix, you get a 25% discount!
5. Send back any items you don't want. You have 3 business days (Sundays and Holidays don't count) to send back any pieces you didn't love. They even provide a shipping back that is already addressed and stamped.

Tinsel - Kamala Skinny Jean 
($68) + Collective Concepts - Paddio Lace Inset Blouse ($58)
The first items I tried on were this gorgeous navy blouse and the skinny jeans. My stylist, Megan, knew about my love for all things navy and she delivered! The back of the blouse has some delicate lace details, but the blouse is still perfectly professional.
The skinny jeans are more like dress pants. They're definitely not denim. I am in love with the color and also how stretchy they are! I was so shocked when I put them on because they fit like a glove! Do you know how hard it is for a short girl to find pants that fit!? This is a miracle.
-Blouse  - I decided to return the blouse. It looks a lot like a few shirts I already have, so it seems as though my stylist nailed my style just a bit too well!

-Pants - Keep, keep, keep, forever keep!! I will be wearing these to work tomorrow!!! 

Tinsel - Kamala Skinny Jean + Market & Spruce - Sam Hi-Lo Short Sleeve Tee ($44)
The next item I tried on was the gray Hi-Lo short sleeve tee from Market & Spruce (which I paired with the amazing Tinsel skinny jeans). I loved how comfortable this shirt was! I don't purchase a lot of the Hi-Lo style shirts because sometimes the "lo" can be too long for my short body, but this shirt was just right! It also wasn't incredibly baggy, as some of these shirts tend to be.
Verdict: As cute and comfy as this shirt was, I opted to return it. I was looking for work clothes and this shirt is super casual and also I thought it was overpriced. My husband, who loves saving money, did try to convince me to keep it though! So I am having a bit of return remorse.

Renee C - Galinda Printed Maxi Skirt ($58)
When I first opened my box and saw this pattern I was excited to try something a bit funky! I tend to stick to solids, so I was really hoping to fall in love with this maxi skirt. I am so happy that my stylist seemed to really understand my need for new business apparel that is also comfortable! This maxi skirt is the epitome of comfort and business casual.
Verdict: I don't know why but I just don't think maxi skirts are flattering on me. Maybe I'm just stuck in my ways and don't often buy maxi skirts. I kind of liked the fun pattern on this skirt. But, my motto is always- if you don't love it when you first try it on, don't buy it! So I decided to return this skirt.

Donna Morgan - Marlow Jersey Shirt Dress ($118)
I tried this piece on last because I knew I was going to fall in love with it. I love dresses, I have way too many. On top of that, this dress is PENN STATE COLORS! I am immediately attracted to anything navy and white and this dress was no exception. I thought it was flattering and I loved how the collar and buttons made it even more professional. I'm already planning to wear this dress this week for the perfect occasion: a meeting in a classroom over the summer with no air conditioning!
Verdict: I'm sure you can guess.. I decided to KEEP this dress! 

I have to be honest, I wasn't entirely happy with my first stitch fix but I am over the moon enamored with all of the pieces my stylist chose for me. I briefly considered keeping all of them for the 25% discount, but I'm happy keeping my two favorite items for now. And I am excitedly awaiting my next fix!

Want to see what other Stitch Fix bloggers got in their boxes this month? Hop on over to Crazy Together and browse all the bloggers reviews in the link-up!

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.


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