Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Classroom Photos pt. 1

Open House Week

Day 2 of the Open House linky party from TBA! I meant to take better pictures, but got caught up grading things after school and forgot. So this is part one of my reveal!

My desk and our science bulletin board
The science bulletin board was 100% copied inspired by Jordon from Life is Better Messy Anyway, which I found off of Pinterest! You can see the original post {HERE}. Thanks, Jordon!

The library area with my homework pocket chart!
 This was taken before the first day of school... the library looked so much better before the kiddos came! But I guess that's a good thing! They're reading!!

The A.R. Clip Chart that keeps track of students' A.R. points
 If you want an AR Clip Chart for your own classroom, you can get it {here}
Where the kiddos hang their stuff!
My room is sooooo small and there's no wall space (because of built-in bookshelves and the computer counter) so this is my only wall to shove stuff against! It works though.

Homeworkopoly board, lunch count and calendar area.
Homeworkopoly is my fave. If you haven't tried it in your own classroom, you can find it {here} to print out or {here} to use on your Smart Board.
The computers, laptops and word wall

The frames that I made in one of my Monday Made-It's
 If you want to read more about how I made these, click {here}.
The view from the doorway
I got the bunting on the window from Target's party section! And the paper lantern in the back corner was like $4 from IKEA.

I only have 18 kiddos! But you would never guess that because my room is so small. I love it though. Last year I tried to make it more boy-ish, but this year I just went all girly with a pink and green theme.


  1. Love your room! It's super cute. I found your blog through the TBA Open House and am your newest follower!
    Loose Shoelaces

  2. Where did you get your alphabet!?

    1. I think I found the same alphabet posters from Little Lovely Leaders on Teachers Pay Teachers. They are a free download! :) I hope this helps!

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  4. I would also love to know where your alphabet came from! It's perfect!