Monday, September 3, 2012

Meet the Teacher

Open House Week

I am linking up with Teaching Blog Addict this week! Today is Meet the Teacher Day.

Me and my fiance

Day 1: Meet the Teacher
Hi! I'm Caitlyn! I'm a fourth grade teacher in Northern Virginia. This is my second year teaching; I graduated from Penn State last May.

Grade you teach: 
I am teaching fourth grade now and I was a student teacher for a third grade class in rural, central Pennsylvania (near State College, PA) two years ago. I always thought I wanted to teach K-2, but I have fallen in love with fourth grade and can't picture myself in any other grade for now.

What is your teaching "style"? 
I want my students to enjoy school. That means that I try to make my lessons fun, engaging, hands-on and memorable. I used to hate math, and it's surprisingly my favorite subject to teach because I put so much effort into making it fun. I consider the day a job-well-done when a student tells me that they used to hate math and now they don't anymore. I have always loved history, so teaching Virginia history is fun. I also used to be a journalism major so English & Language Arts are a joy to teach. One of my main priorities is to foster a love for reading with my fourth graders.


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  2. Hey Caitlyn! I am your newest follower :) love your blog!

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  3. I went to Lock Haven.. small world! So I toootally know what you mean by rural, central PA! =)

    Third Grade in the First State