Monday, October 22, 2012

Math Quick Checks

The newest product in my TPT store is my Math Quick Checks. They're just little cards with math questions on them that I printed on colorful cardstock, laminated and put on a binder ring.


 I keep the cards on a hook right next to my door. The yellow are math questions and the pink are social studies questions (coming soon!)

This set includes questions for the entire year's worth of math based on the Common Core curriculum and the Virginia Standards of Learning. Quizzing them all year on questions from the first unit on will help them retain information and prepare them for those high-stakes tests!

I have been using these in my classroom the past week and the kids are loving them. I use them during all transition times: before we go to lunch, music, computer lab, outside the bathroom, etc.

Today, before computer lab, we were running late and didn't get to do the quick checks. My kids were so disappointed. They were asking me why we didn't ask them! Usually I'm the one asking the questions, but they love being the "teacher" and asking their peers the questions. Sometimes if I have them out at recess, the kids like to quiz me on the questions to see if they'll stump me! So funny.

You can purchase them at my TPT store here:
Fourth -

Keep an eye out for science, language arts and social studies quick check questions! I'm working on them now :)

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