Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Teacher's Gonna Snap {Sept. Classroom Pics}

Miss Nelson from Run Miss Nelson's Got the Camera! is having a photo linky party. I love taking photos! My school doesn't have a yearbook so my students don't really have any photos after the year is done so I always try to take tons and then I put together a giant slideshow for the end of the year.

We had a ton of stuff donated through DonorsChoose to our classroom over the summer so we have been writing lots and lots of thank you notes!

We are loving reading all the books we received through DonorsChoose. My kids this year LOVE reading!

In math class we are working on place value and rounding. There is this great free math computer game called Ice, Ice Maybe that we played at a center the other day. SO. MUCH. FUN! {Here} is the link to the game.

Every year, we get to go to Jamestown on a field trip with the fourth graders. It's a whole day field trip because it's 3 hours away. We get to explore Jamestown and Yorktown. So in the fall, a representative from Jamestown comes to visit. The man who came to present this year was so great! He had a great rapport with my students because he was so funny. He brought tons of artifacts and got my kids thinking about life back in the 17th century in Jamestown. He really made my job easy for teaching the unit later on. They are so interested in it now! The picture is of two of my kids wearing traditional Native American garb and the other one is wearing a typical African outfit. We talked about sources of clothes and how clothes reflect the climate of the area.

So I was out one day for professional development and I created a giant map of the 5 regions of VA. I assigned the regions to each of the groups in my class. When I came back the next day I was amazed at the map they produced. They had a key and symbols... which was the requirement... but they just worked so well together to produce this! It was a proud teacher moment. I love that I can leave my students with a sub and know that they will still be productive!

We made Maps of our Hearts for our writer's workshop notebooks. You can find this freebie {here} at my tpt store.

My kiddos this year are loving jump rope at recess!

Looking at all of these pictures.. I am amazed at all the great stuff we already accomplished in just one month of school. It has been such a fun year already. I can't wait to do this linky party next month. I'll have to take better pictures.


  1. I love your pics. Congrats to you on the DC grants. Your heart maps turned out great. Email me which packets you would like for being one of the first 3 to link up.
    Good Luck to you

  2. I love your heart maps what a neat idea:) Congrats on the Donor's Choose!! I forgot to post ours:))

    Surfin' Through Second

  3. Love the thank you picture! I actually always take a similar pic with my whole class at the beginning of each year. Then I just print the pic out two to a sheet and use those as my thank you notes for parent donations! The parents love getting them and they are easy for me!
    I just found you and am now following. I would love it if you stop by sometime!

  4. Just found you through Fourth Grade Flippers giveaway.
    I teach 3rd grade.

    Yearn to Learn Blog

  5. Great photos!
    Congratulations on your Donors Choose!
    I can't believe you get to go 3 hours away! WOW!
    ❀Beth Ann❀
    Taming My Flock of Firsties