Tuesday, August 5, 2014

My purchases in the BTS sale!

 I am so excited about my haul in this year's BTS sale! The sale isn't over yet, so I wanted to share my finds so that you still have enough time to snag these resources on sale if you'd like!
Who Wants to Be a Millionaire Powerpoint Template- This is completely editable and I can use it to review all sorts of content in my classroom on my SMART Board. I use review games a LOT in my class so I'm super excited about this find from Best Teacher Resources. She has a ton of other Powerpoint review TV games that I wishlisted for the future (modeled after Wheel of Fortune, Family Feud, Jeopardy or Are you Smarter than a Fifth Grader) as well as other review games like Connect 4.

I need help! Number Cards- I can already tell that these are going to be a life saver in my class! Usually when I'm doing guided reading or writing conferences, I have students that need help but I can't get to them because I'm busy. With this new product, I can have the students grab a numbered card and call them over in order when I have a free moment. This way the students can get back to work quickly and I can minimize interruption time. So glad I found this!

Kid Team Signs- These signs are from the wonderful Tara at Fourth Grade Frolics and I've been eyeing them up ever since she posted her Monday Made It last week. She added them to her store this week! They are just SO cute. I plan on printing two of each sign, gluing them together back to back, laminating and then hanging them from the ceiling on a string over each table in my classroom. 

Mystery Walker Tool Kit- This tool kit from Leslie's Locker has been on my wish list all summer. I was intrigued when I saw the title of this product, but I was sold when I read the first sentence of the product description: "Looking for a way to help keep your students quiet and well behaved in the hallways?" Um yes!!! So every day the students will know the teacher has their eye on a "mystery walker" of the day, but the students don't know who it is so they all have to be on their best behavior in the hallway because if it was them all day AND they were a model citizen in the hallways, they get a happy note home! I think this is a super cute idea and I know that my kids always like when random names are pulled... plus the mystery all day just makes this a winning system that I can't wait to implement!

Line Up Buddies- This product is a great classroom management tool from Michelle at Apples and ABCs! I always stagger my students lining up (usually by colors they're wearing or by birthday months) but sometimes it's hard to me to keep track of what I've already called and I struggle coming up with new ideas so this tool is great! You pull a stick out of the jar (remember how I love pulling random names?!) and it will say something like "If your name starts with ____" and the teacher fills in the blank. Easy, fun, printable, done. You can read more about this product at Michelle's blog post about the resource {here}.

Bulletin Board Banners- These little pendants from popular TPT store SunnyDays have been sitting on my wishlist for a while and I am so happy to have finally purchased them! These are themed pendants that can be displayed in your classroom. The product comes with a set of 25 (back to school, summer, field trip, book report). I will print these out and have my students write and color on their pendants and then they will be hung on a hallway wall on a string. Cute, quick and easy! I think parents will love finding their child's little banner at Back to School Night!!!

Nautical Name Plates- I love anchors. Ok, I'm borderline obsessed with them. But how cute are these name tags from Style and Paste?! I love buying digital name tags because you pay a small fee ONCE and then reprint them every year, rather than paying like $5 for a pack of 20. Brilliant. Adorable. Sold. Happy teacher.

Measurement Facts and Conversions SMART Board Pack- These are cute and colorful, but they're also jam-packed with content, which is to be expected since they are from the incredibly amazing FlapJack Educational Resources. I teach in a non-common core state but these SMART Board lessons align perfectly to our measurement standards in Virginia as well. Included in this pack are lessons on capacity, metric length, time, customary length and weight. Seriously these SMART Boards are so good I almost feel like I'm cheating as a teacher by buying them. But I'm ok with that!

Owl Poke Multiplication Cards- I also purchased this from FlapJack Educational Resources mainly because owls. But really because they're self-checking! You can see a video about how to set these cards up and use them {here}. I can set up a center or have this as a fast finisher activity and the students can be whizzing through these cards getting immediate feedback while I can be helping another group of students. Score!

Sooooo clearly I went a little overboard and unfortunately for my bank account, I can keep shopping today! Hope everyone is having a great time taking advantage of the sales!


  1. Now I need to get Who Wants to be a Millionaire too! That looks great! Thanks!
    Grade 4 Buzz

  2. TPT is going to get me in trouble with this back to school sale! I love the Measurement SMART board pack...I teach fifth grade math (in VA) and it matches our SOLs perfectly. Thanks!