Friday, August 8, 2014

Favorite Pin Friday {8.8.2014}

This pin is from Mary at Teaching with a Mountain View. How easy is this idea?! Give the kids a pile of task cards and they have to answer their card right in order to go their turn. Connect 4, Life, Monopoly, whatever games you have on hand!

I pinned this cute lunch count board from Tara at And They All Fall Down because it's SO simple and I have a bunch of washi tape already that I can use. I don't have a cricut to cut any vinyl for the letters to stick on my boards so I'll be going to a craft store and purchasing some stickers from the scrapbooking aisle. Then if you notice in the bottom, she's got her numbered magnets that the kiddos sort into their choice of the day. The custom numbered magnets are made by her as well in her TPT store Tea and Coffee.

My students and I were all obsessed with this song this year so I adore this anchor chart that could also be used as a bulletin board during a geometry unit. The shapes are all "saying" their characteristics. And then there's the fox who's just all happy and cute in the middle and makes me smile. This pin is from Linda at Around the Kampfire.

There's also an accompanying fox-themed geometry activity in her store to do with your students {here}!

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  1. Yet another use for wash tape! I swear, the possibilities on endless. I love that the lunch board offers salad as a lunch option.
    I have Connect Four in my classroom, but I never thought of connecting it to task cards. How fun! I think I'm gonna try that with the kids this year.
    Thanks for linking up , Caitlyn! I LOVED your pins. : )

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